Digitalised production of truck wheel hubs

– Inspired by the “Industry 4.0” vision

FRÖHLICH CNC Produktion GmbH: Digitalised production of truck wheel hubs

Inspired by the “Industry 4.0” vision, a digitalised production line has been set up at DVS Production South for the turning and drilling of wheel hubs for the commercial vehicles industry.

The production line organises itself to a major extent, due to the high degree of automation and thanks to state-of-the-art information and communication technologies. Standardised component pallets developed in-house communicate per RFID technology with the driverless transport systems and 4-axis lathes from PITTLER T&S.

In order to monitor production, the entire flow of material and information is visualised on the central computer, via which the machining status as well as the manufacturing qualities of the components currently in production can be retrieved. Finished parts are measured 100% after machining and assigned a data matrix code which makes it possible to read out all the important component production data for years after production.

Repacking and packing station for raw and finished parts
Raw and finished parts store for the unmanned night shift
5 driverless transport systems with collision protection
8 machining islands with two PITTLER T&S four-axis lathes and one automation cell each
PLC measuring station and laser marking of the data matrix code
3-zone conveyor washing system
Measurement of machined wheel hubs
RFID chip for communication between machine, man and driverless transport system


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