Power Skiving

– Efficient gear cutting. Inside and out.

FRÖHLICH CNC Produktion GmbH: Efficient gear cutting with Power Skiving

We are offering efficient gear cutting solutions for rotation-symmetrical components up to a diameter of 1250 mm and a module 7. The extremely efficient technology of Power Skiving is used for this application. Depending on the order volume, a project-specific machining solution is developed together with the affiliated companies PITTLER T&S and PRÄWEMA Antriebstechnik. With cost-saving for the customer in mind, complete machining solutions are used for component manufacturing alongside combined processes.

Thanks to the latest developments in manufacturing technology, Power Skiving has excelled as an efficient and flexible alternative for component gear cutting over the past few years. High gear cutting qualities of IT6 and better, all common profile and flank modifications and Rz values < 3 µm can be realised, depending on the component properties.


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